Automatic Egg Transfer Machine

Automatic Egg Transfer Machine

Egg Removal Capacity: 150 pieces of chicken eggs.

It can be used for egg transfer in any size desired by changing the vacuum table. Egg tray and basket Pet. Type is compatible with sizes. Vacuuming and lifting speeds can be adjusted. The vacuum table can be set up with the aid of the upper reference sensor.

The system is fully controlled by the PLC program. Emergency stoppage is pressed in every emergency stop and the eggs stay constantly at the point. Suction discharge valve is controlled by servo motor. Vakumm motor used in the system never leaves eggs with high suction ability. Suction cups are our own product and are suitable for the prices.

Depending on demand, the system can be fully applied to the pneumatic lifting system.

Operating Voltage: 3x380 VAC + 220 VAC

Electricity Consumption: 2 KW.

Control System: PLC

Motors: 750 W to 150 W